Welcome to Pearl City’s foremost dermatology centre.

Here, personal attention and expertise come together to create the best version of you!

Welcome to Pearl City’s
foremost dermatology centre.

Here, personal attention and expertise come together to create
the best version of you!






Dr. Nishita Ranka Bagmar

A dermatologist with over eight years of experience, Dr. Nishita Ranka is an expert at diagnosing and treating various skin conditions.

Having started her journey in 2008, she has consistently aimed to bring her patients holistic recovery. She has worked with some of the most renowned dermatologists in India. Her contribution in the field has already won her accolades in Dermatology, both nationally and internationally.

Dr. Ranka’s Clinic is there to remedy all types of skin conditions, both acute and chronic. For example, a dermatologist can help identify the cause of a rash, growth or skin allergy or recommend the best approaches to treat skin conditions such as acne, eczema, and psoriasis.

At Dr. Ranka’s Clinic, you will also receive all of the support you need to manage your skin and hair condition, advice on how to best look after your condition, and how your diet and other aspects of your lifestyle affect your overall well-being.

All of the consultant doctors at our clinic are trained to the highest standards and have plenty of experience treating a wide range of skin and hair conditions.

Rest assured that you will be treated with the utmost respect and professionalism, and receive the highest quality of care when you visit us.




It took me a while to convince myself to visit a dermatologist given my past experiences. Dr. Nishita, unlike most doctors, is patient and explains what your body is going through. She is patient and invests her time in helping you. Would truly recommend her if you have been struggling with skin problems that you just can’t seem to overcome. She does not recommend any procedures right away like most doctors, but would try to treat your problem first through medicines and you will see results.

Pooja Banjara

I tried Dr. Nishitas clinic by seeing a post on Instagram. I usually won’t go with any chemical or dermal treatments on my face. I consulted and got treated by her and she is one of the best in town. I tried both pumpkin peel and fire and ice medi facials till date and felt I just pampered my skin. Fire and Ice gives you a glam glow and one would definitely love it where pumpkin peel gives a clear skin that stays on me for almost 15 days.

Anusha Nekkanti

I have started Dr Nishita’s treatments from last month and I am very very happy with the results. I would highly recommend her. In just one month my skin has shown drastic improvement. I’ve also planned laser treatment and other procedures to improve the texture of my skin. Thanks a ton Doctor. I am so glad that I found you.

The staff is very professional and courteous. I spoke to Mary and she has always been very helpful. Thank you, Mary. They also deliver medicines at your doorstep which is great.

Sameena Ahmed

I have been to almost 5 dermatologists in Hyderabad for my Alopecia treatment. Nothing has helped me out. Found Nishita ma’am and I had seen the best results for my alopecia within a few sittings. She gives the best treatment and the way she treated me is really good. She wouldn’t prescribe too many medications which are unnecessary. Thank you for giving the best hospitality.

Manisha Reddy

To say that Dr. Nishita is a wizard, would be an understatement. She helped me control a skin issue that I was struggling with for the past 2 years. Within a month of consulting her and that too, over a telephonic conversation. She is super thorough. Super transparent. She aims for your overall well-being. In addition to her, the staff at her clinic are very courteous and diligent. I highly highly recommend Dr. Nishita for all your skin and hair concerns. I’m usually not someone who chooses to leave reviews, but my wholesome experience with the Doctor and her staff has made me leave my unbiased review here.
Thank you, Doctor.

Shehla Afreen

Dr Nishita is well experienced, knowledgeable and genuinely cares for your skin. She will never be in a rush and listens with a lot of patience. There will be no false assurances and over priced medicines. I am in safe hands and I am glad to recommend her to everyone who has issues with their skin and hair. Thank you doctor. A very positive experience. Highly recommended.

Kamakshi Reddy

Dr. Nishita is truly an amazing doctor. I am very happy with the results within 1 month of consultation for my acne problem wherein I still have a long way to go. But the results are promising! Took an online consultation and it really did wonders. She listens to our problems patiently and gives us the best treatment. I am glad to have found her. I would recommend everyone to go to her for any problems related to skin, hair, and aesthetics. She is the best! The staff are very professional and courteous. All in all the best place for skin, hair, and aesthetics in Hyderabad.

Siri G

Thank you so much for the difference which you have made, you were so patient from the beginning of the treatment. Your kindness, sincere caring, and concern makes everything better. You are a great encouragement and you are incredibly skilled at what you do. Every day of my life will be better because of you.

Naman Ghanate

For many years, I’ve been suffering from acne and pigmentation. After seeing so many positive reviews from patients I thought to contact Dr. Nishita. She is a very good doctor and her treatment is very effective. She listens to all our problems carefully and suggests medicines. Her treatment is very good. I have seen a lot of change in my skin and I will highly recommend Dr. Nishita for people who are suffering from skin.

Sindhu Choudary

Dr. Nishita has helped me a lot with my hair and skin problems. She has in-depth knowledge about the new & advanced technology that is used to cure various skin related issues in a safe way. I have had fruitful results so far. She is also easy to talk to and has correct suggestions handy. I am glad that I have found a very good doctor. Thanks Nishita for everything.

Monalisa Baruah


Washing your face a lot won’t clear up blemishes.

Over exfoliating and over-cleansing can actually exacerbate your acne problems. It irritates and dries your skin out, which makes you produce more oil. And overdoing it with acne treatments can have the same effect. So stick to a morning and night regimen — cleanse, medicate, and moisturize.