Clinic Policy

Practice Policies

We try our best to treat your concerns in the best, most comfortable possible way that our experience allows.
While we strive for excellence and success, we may sometimes hit a roadblock that doesn’t allow us to achieve the ideal results.

While we guarantee our skills, experience and dedication to each case, we cannot foresee nor guarantee the final result of any procedure, service or consultation.

  • Recovery Time – Many conditions take time to resolve. While we aim for a speedy recovery for each of our patients, individual human systems have their own processes, triggers and pace of healing. Therefore, we request and appreciate your patience and a deep understanding of your concern and diagnosis.
  • Specific treatments like the non-surgical facelift are spread out over time and are offered in multiple sessions – this is just how the treatment works. It would be unwise to expect immediate results with a single session!
  • Pigmentation treatments – involve careful aftercare, which is essential for you to comply with to gain the ideal results. Sun exposure will interfere with outcomes, and you are encouraged to use sunscreen regularly. Due to any unavoidable reason, you cannot adhere to the recommended aftercare; you must keep your doctor informed and request a rescheduled appointment.

  • Behaviour – We intend to treat you with care owed to family members constantly. Our expertise and training with the best doctors in the field will ensure you have visible results. Hence, we would like to encourage a courteous and polite exchange with our clinic staff too! If you are dissatisfied with our demeanour in any way, please bring it to Dr. Nishita at the earliest.

  • Maximum Patient Policy – We accommodate a fixed number of patients/clients per day, as we would not like to dilute the quality of service nor make you wait beyond your scheduled appointment slot.

  • Despite all these terms and conditions here, we remain on your side. We want your journey with us to address, combat and alleviate your concerns thoroughly.

Appointment Policies

Please note that all consultations and procedures are scheduled only on an appointment basis.

  • We are unable to accommodate walk-ins at this time. Appointments can only be fixed with the clinic personnel, either over the phone or email, with the latter being preferred to avoid ambiguity. Appointments booked via other portals/sites will not be honoured.

  • Appointments for scheduled procedures like laser hair removal or chemical peels will be blocked and intimated to you ahead. Should you wish to change/modify your schedule, please inform us at least two days prior.
  • One of our top priorities at the clinic is to reduce your waiting time. We are working on identifying measures for a tighter schedule constantly. Still, due to unforeseeable medical situations for our patients, which are beyond our control, we might, unfortunately, face a delay in addressing you at the appointed time. Similarly, if your concerns need us to attend to you for a longer time than expected, we will not cut any corners while assisting you before addressing awaiting patients.
  • However, we do not take your time or ours lightly and will continue to try our best to reduce the waiting time. It would be great to cooperate with us towards achieving this; any constructive comments in this regard are most welcome.