Hair Loss Treatments

The aim is to prevent further loss and plan for hair replacement procedures. Various factors determine hair health, and instead of just treating the hair loss, Dr. Nishita believes in understanding the cause behind it with a detailed history and examination so that the treatment yields the best results.

Growth Factor Concentrate
This is also known as GFC and is the latest advance in hair loss treatments.
It is a highly concentrated growth factor that is prepared from the patient’s blood.

The treatment helps restore hair growth and reduce hair thinning on the scalp.
This delivers direct growth factors into the scalp without being dependent on the platelets.
The recommended number of sessions are once a month for three months, followed by a couple of sessions every 2- 3 months for optimal results.

LLLT: Low-level Laser Therapy
This treatment uses low-level lasers on the scalp to stimulate and enhance cell function. It irradiates photons into scalp tissues and is absorbed by weak cells, encouraging hair growth. It is a safe therapy and an excellent addition to other hair loss treatments.