Skin Tags/Moles/DPN’s

Skin Tags
Skin tags are small, raised lesions that are seen on the face, neck, and underarms. They might be attributed to genetics and are commonly found in people who have a family history of diabetes or insulin resistance. They can also appear during or post-pregnancy and as a result of weight gain.

Moles are a very common type of skin growth, appearing as small, dark brown spots. A cluster of pigmented cells causes this. Moles can occur during your childhood and adolescence – while some may fade away, others are more persistent and are here to stay. Moles can also come during adulthood, and unless they look different from the rest or are suspicious looking, there is nothing to worry about.

DPN’s are found on the facial skin. They are harmless but a cosmetic hindrance. These can be removed at the clinic without any scarring, pain or harm to your skin.