Dandruff is one of our most universally common trichological problems, resulting in a hit to confidence and impression. However, dandruff, no matter the cause, can be easily managed with an appropriate hair care routine. Dandruff mainly affects the scalp, and the symptoms include flaking and mild itchiness. Although dandruff can be experienced at any point in your life, it is more common between the teenage till midlife years.

The causes of dandruff can range from age, stress levels, weather, medical conditions and even certain hair products. Dandruff can also occur if one does not wash their hair often. In addition, the signs of dandruff can flare up if you are stressed or during cold, dry seasons.

If you find yourself struggling with dandruff and over-the-counter shampoos aren’t helping, then we recommend a consultation. Dr. Nishita will work with you to identify the root cause and then offer you preventional courses and recommend habits to follow to combat your dandruff issues. She will also look into other scalp conditions that could mimic dandruff in appearance but need to be treated with different medications.

You’ll be back to wearing black in no time!